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Special Bonus

When you have some success with Google Adwords, you can expand your ad campaigns to Overture. I've talked to Chris, he told me he does both. You will find that for some campaigns and markets you do better with Adwords, for some you do better with Overture. Overture is a bit complicated, that's why I have a bonus for you. It's an ebook called "Pay Per Click Profits, Overture Uncovered" by Paul Manuel. Paul is a newbie to internet marketing, but he has made $53,386.67 in sales by using Overture, and continue to do well. Just like Chris's Google Cash book, Paul gives step by step instructions on how to profit with Overture. He also sends you a free mini course: "5 Day Guide to Online Profits". Phil Wiley met Paul in person earlier this year, and speaks highly of him.

I'm providing you with this ebook, in the hope that you can get either Google Cash book or Adword Analyzer software and start making money the next day (they really work well together, so why not get both?)

Here is how to get the bonus:

Step One: get a copy of Google Cash here, and/or Adword Analyzer here

Step Two: email me your Clickbank receipt: mailto:william@googlegoldmine.com?subject=SpecialBonus

Step Three: I'll email you the download link to Paul's "Pay Per Click Profits, Overture Uncovered" book (527 kb) on my site. (please allow 24 hours to receive it)

Step Four: see Step One.

To your success,

William Shi

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