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Don't want to deal with technical mumbo jumbo? Are you getting traffic, but can't convert them to dollars?

Well, worry no more. I'm offering professional services to help you get Traffic Equalizer up and running quickly, so that you can concentrate on making money.

Here is what I'll do for you:

  • Install Traffic Equalizer web version on your host; If your host doesn't support php, I'll run web version on MY host, then upload all TE pages to YOUR host
  • Customize all three templates to fit your needs - this is absolutely CRITICAL to convert traffic into dollars!
  • Add SearchFeed or RevenuePilot code so that you can make even more money
  • Fine tuning and testing, to ensure your satisfaction
  • Give you "Traffic Equalizer Action Guide" and other quality bonuses for free
  • Make five (5) key enhancements to Traffic Equalizer for you (web verson)

Let me explain the last point a bit further.

I've found that Google indexes html pages better and faster than php. I improved TE web version so that it generates html pages just like the PC versin, but pages are produced on the server, therefore, no uploading is needed. That's a tremendous time saver.

The second enhancement is that I flattened the file hierarchy. Normally, with TE web version, you create a "resource" folder, then all TE pages are generated and put in sub folders, such as 1, 2, 3, etc. But I modified the script so that all TE files are now located directly under the "resource" folder. This way, search engine spiders won't have to traverse so many folders to find your pages, this further boosts your chance of getting all pages indexed quickly and easily, and you can start attracting traffic immediately.

The third enhancement is I'm linking each result page with four other result pages. According to Michael Campbell, author of the ebook "Revenge of the Mini Net", you should link all internal pages with all the other internal pages on the same domain. This strategy will further boost your search engine ranking.

The fourth enhancement is I added another major "database" for TE to query keyword-rich results from. Recently, the database that TE uses has become unstable, which stops TE from running. By selecting this alternative database, you can still run TE any time to get excellent results, and this database is extremely stable. Don't let the default database down time stop you getting that traffic!

The last and the most significant enhancement is I added meaningful content to index pages. Many TE users, myself included, have seen Google come pick up the index pages, but stops dead in the track, before it comes back again to index all the result pages. The wait is quite long, sometimes, it can be as long as 60-90 days. This long delay costs you traffic and money!

The reason for that is Google simply doesn't like a page with lots of links and little content. My solution? Use TE to produce targeted content for each of the keyword listed on an index page, similar to that of a result page. Not only will it speed up your index process by 100-300%, but also it will make your TE pages look more like the rest of your sites. You can start attracting traffic and make money much sooner, therefore realize the full potential of Traffic Equalizer!

A side benefit for the last enhancement, is that your competitors will have a hard time steal your keyword list. Without this improvement, all your keywors are there for everyone to see. Your competitors can simply browse your index pages, and easily steal all your keywords, which you have spent significant effort on. Don't let your hard work benefit your competitors!

I've been using these enhancements for my clients, with remarkable results! One well-known marketer has a new site, after I put in TE for him, with a link from his existing site, Google indexed 350 TE pages within 3 weeks, and he's getting good targeted traffic because of that. Needless to say, he's a happy camper! In fact, he's so happy that he has asked me to do two more of his sites.

Want to see the work I've done for some clients? Click here and you'll be impressed. (The client has given me permission to show it). Notice how TE listings are integrated with the site, how Google Adsense is blended in the menu bar, there is also SearchFeed listings, and at the bottom, this page is also linking to 3 other TE pages, creating a mesh network.

By taking advantage of my service, you will:

  • Save tons of time and frustrations
  • Avoid costly mistakes
  • Learn from my techniques by reading the source code, then implementing similar techniques yourself on your next site (unless you want me to do that one too).
  • As a subscriber to my service, I am here to answer most questions within reason and in 24 hours

What I need from you:

  • Your website address (url)
  • You must already have a home page
  • Access (ftp) to your host to install and run Traffic Equalizer (you can create a temporary password for me)
  • A keyword file that contains all your keywords, with one keyword per line, and punctuation removed (no "/", "&", etc.)
  • Your Search Feed or Revenue Pilot login IDs (optional)
  • Tell me what's the single most important keyword for your site.
  • If you can give a headline AND a brief desription to your site, what would thy be?

Am I qualified? You bet! I've been testing and using Traffic Equalizer extensively, so I'm extremely familiar with the software.

I have implemented Traffic Equalizer on several of my own sites, as well as worked for a few clients.

Dear William,

I just wanted to thank you for all of the help you've provided since I retained your consulting services to help boost my traffic and conversion rates.

It is rare to find someone so competent, efficient and easy to deal with. You've "gone the extra mile" for me on numerous occasions. And best of all, my traffic and conversion rates continue to grow!

I can't thank you enough.

Best regards,


USA & Mexico

The fee for this service is $397 per site flat. Payment is made via Paypal. Customization of the templates is the most time consuming part, it can take three hours, a lot of times even longer, to make them perfect.

The turnaround time is usually 2-4 days.

Your website information remains in highest confidentiality. I will not touch your files, except to add a link to TE pages on your home page, and I always make back ups.

To ensure highest quality, each project is handled by myself, and I only accept three projects per week. So grab me quickly, while I'm still available!

Dear Will,

I just wanted to e-mail you to let you know that for ONLY 3 days now, I have been uploading "some" of the pages that you created for me and I am already seeing traffic increases as well as monetary increases to boot. I can't wait to get the rest of the pages uploaded. Because of your help, I am now in the top 100,000 web sites according to Alexa.com

I can't thank you enough for the work you have done for me. It has saved me a TON of time and effort and time is very important to man with a wife and 4 daughters.

The work you have done for, not one, but two of my web sites is very remarkable and rest assured, I will be sending two more of my sites your way in the not so distant future.

Best regards,

Donnie Hoover

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Please contact me to discuss your needs.

Current availability: One opening available

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To your success,

William Shi


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