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37 Year Old California Man Test Drives a Revolutionary New Way to Generate Massive Server-Melting, Bandwidth-Clogging TARGETED Traffic
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Hi, my name is William Shi. I live in California, USA. I recently purchased a new software called "Traffic Equalizer" from Jeff Alderson, author of the excellent software "Adword Analyzer" (it's a must-have tool if you are doing Google Adwords or Overture campaigns). The reasons I bought Traffic Equalizer are:

1. Jeff promises his software will bring huge TARGETED traffic to your web site -- this is exactly what I need, because without quality traffic, you have no one to sell to.

2. I've used Adword Analyzer, and based on its high quality, I believe Jeff can deliver another product with superb quality.

Usually, I have a heavy dose of skeptism about any "quick" solution that claims to get you big traffic. But after running Traffic Equalizer a couple of times for one of my sites, I'm amazed by the number of keyword rich content pages it generates. I think the idea behind Traffic Equalizer is simply brilliant. Even if I can come up with the same approach, it will take me hours to generate those hundreds of pages by hand. Now with Traffic Equalizer, after you have keywords defined for your site, it's just a click of a button, literally, and boom, all pages are produced instantly on your site.

Well, I'm very impressed, to say the least. It's not anything that I've seen before. Not Smart Pages or Doorway Pages; no sneaky redirects; not Keyword Site Builder, which only gives you static content; not link exchanges, where you have to beg for links from other webmasters.

I have to admit, it's so effective and powerful that I sincerely hope my competitors don't know about this product.

So exactly how does Traffic Equalizer work? Well, the author is very protective about it, probably because it's so unique that he doesn't want cheap imitations. I'll make an attempt to offer some explanations without giving away his "secrets".

In a nutshell, you supply the software with a list of keywords that are highly relevant to your site. Based on those keywords, Traffic Equalizer generates highly optimized web pages. Each keyword you provide will produce one web page, so if you supply 500 keywords for your site, it can generate 500 optimized pages. In less than a second (with the new web version), you can add hundreds of highly optimized pages to your web site, just by pushing a button. Of course, if you know the principle behind it, you can do it by hand, but it'll take you hours to hand-write all those pages.

My Traffic Equalizer Action Guide, with lots of screen shots, shows you how to use this powerful application step-by-step, and gives you suggestions along the way to help you achieve maximum results. I use one of my live sites to walk you through the whole process. The manual that comes with the software isn't very clear, I had to read it twice before I figured out how to use it, and I'm a programmer by profession.

I'll try to answer some common questions here, and help your decision making process. If you have any more questions, please feel free to email me (my email address is near the bottom of the page).

Is Traffic Equalizer legal? Does it play tricks on search engines?

Yes, it's legit; no, it doesn't deploy any deceiving tricks on search engines. The pages it produces are full of keywords that are relevant to your site, and it's well within the guidelines of search engines.

Is it easy to use? Do I need to know HTML and how search engines work?

The software is fairly easy to use, it has only one screen, with a few fields to fill in. You do need to know some basic HTML if you want to customize the result pages (I highly recommend you do so). My Action Guide will show you exactly how to customize them. You also should know some basics of how search engine works, but it's not required.

Can I see a screen shot of the software?

Sure, here it is.

Don't be deceived by the simplicity of the software. It's EXTREMELY powerful. Based on the keyword file I supplied, with the push of a button, it instantly created 604 (the number of keywords) highly optimized web pages in 7 index folders -- in just about two minutes. Imagine, how much time and tedious labor will it take you to manually write those 604 pages?

This screen shot was taken when I was using Traffic Equalizer for one of my clients. To protect his privacy, I'm using a fictitious domain name.

This just in: the web version of Traffic Equalizer has just been officially released. It will save you quite a bit upload time, AND it will have fresh, dynamic content. You can even make money from these pages by using Search Feed or Revenue Pilot affiliate programs! This is VERY exciting! It shows me how dedicated he is to constantly make the tool even more powerful to benefit users. The best part is, you get free upgrades for life!

With the new web version, I generated 921 pages in 0.71 second. Wow, that's awesome speed! Here is a screen shot of the web version.

Can I see a demo?

Sure, I made two videos. The first video is a demo with the default templates, the second one is a demo with customized templates.

Click on the links to view the videos, they'll open up in new windows.

Video Demo 1 with default templates, length: 6:55, size: 5.64 MB
Video Demo 2 with customized templates, length: 4:24, size: 13.4 MB

Will it really help my marketing effort?

Yes, without going to specifics, I truly believe it will tremendously help your search engine ranking, which will in turn attract tons of targeted traffic to your site. In fact, before I made the purchase, I searched many discussion boards to seek what other people have to say. The comments from users are overwhelmingly positive. Here is a quote from a post on "Affiliate Talk Forum": "I have a few sites with low page rank (3), no outside links and very high TARGETED traffic using the same method that Traffic Eq uses. It's a very simple method that I have used very successfully (and profitably) for well over a year - Now it is automated!". "The technique used by trafficeq generates thousands of $$$ for me every month and has done so for a VERY long time". His statement gives me extra assurance, knowing this principle works even before Traffic Equalizer comes along. Thank you, Mr. Graeme, for your unbiased opinion.

I'm an affiliate, can I still use the software?

Yes, but you need your own web site. One of the most effective ways to promote products as an affiliate is to pre-sell. Tell readers your own experience with the product and how the product helps you achieve your goals. Give people your genuine recommendations and you will become very successful.

How can you prove it works?

Because it's still new, I personally don't have any stats to show yet. But Jeff Alderson emailed me a couple of screen shots showing his dramatic stats improvement. The first site is a dating review site, which is in a highly competitive market. He created this site only in June and was not in Google at the time. He added 1,000 TE pages. Here is a screen shot, as of October 3, 2003.

As you can see, his monthly visits jumped from just 103 in June all the way to more than 30,000 in September...amazing!

Here is another site of his, which averaged 1,000 visitors a month last year. It was listed in Google. He added 600 TE pages in April, and here is the result.

Again, the traffic improved dramatically.

Recently, on the Traffic Equalizer owners' forum, Jeff revealed that "I have 1530 total pages. I created 2 pages by hand and the rest are TE pages. These are static pages created using the PC version of TE. This site was launched at the end of October." Here are his most recent stats. Monthly visits skyrocketed from 34 to 14493... that is astonishing!

I just received this unsolicited email from a current TE owner, James Mackinlay. With his permission, I'm publishing his entire message here.

"I just purchased the Traffic Equalizer about two weeks ago and all I can say is WOW! this program is all it says it is and more.

"My sites are already being picked up by Google and others and my traffic is already started to pick up and its only been two weeks.

"And talk about a fantastic way to find link partners thats related to your website this program does it in seconds.

"I never have wrote anyone on products before but in this case I am going to make a exception because this product is simply great.

"This is without any doubt one of the best products I have purchased on the internet I recommend Traffic Equalizer to anyone who needs more traffic."

James Mackinlay
JRM Website Marketing

Another TE user, Kevin, made this post in the TE members forum on 1/22/04 at 8:33 pm:

"...Wait until those pages get indexed and the traffic starts flowing. It happened to me this week, completely by surprise actually.

"I must confess, I didn't believe it was going to work, but it did. And, proudly, one of my higher ranked pages is one I designed and wrote content for all by myself. It is currently at number 6 at Google."

In fact, there are numerous posts on the TE forum that echo Kevin's statement. Very exciting indeed!

Can I expect instant ranking boost in search engines?

Well, I wouldn't say "instant", it really depends on when the search engines do their indexing and full crawl. But you should expect significant improvements within 2-3 months of implementing the changes.

Does it make pages unique per user? Will I be penalized by search engines if I use it?

The content of each page is unique. It really depends on what keywords you supply to the software. Because of this dynamic nature, no two users' pages will look the same. Search engines won't penalize unique contents, they actually promote rich content site, hence the beauty of Traffic Equalizer. My action guide will show you how to customize results to make them even more unique to your site.

Do I need to have an existing site to use it?

I feel it's best if you already have a web site, or a site that's close to completion. That way you can readily use the software and expand your site. But it's not required to have a site ready.

Can I still use Site Build It (SBI)?

The answer is YES and NO. Yes, if you use the PC version; No, for the web version. For those who don't know what SBI is, it's an excellent software tool by Ken Evoy, that does many things for you when you need to build a site, especially if you are a newbie. For more information, click here.

Because SBI doesn't support PHP, the web version is out of the question. However, the PC version will work fine, with some minor tweaking.

Can I still use Smart Pages?

Yes, you can still use smart pages. They take different approaches. Traffic Equalizer generates pages on your primary domain, whereas Smart Pages are produced on your secondary domains. They complement each other. But I'd start with Traffic Equalizer first, so that I don't have to worry about managing all those little side domains I'll have to set up for Smart Pages to work. It also saves you on domain registration and web hosting for those side domains.

But if you choose, Traffic Equalizer can also be used to produce Smart Pages. All you need to do is just add a few lines of javascript code in the templates.

How much does it cost?

It's priced at $97. Based on the quality and the results it produces, I think it's a big bargain. He could have charged $197, and I'll still buy it. Its effectiveness, and the time I'll save far outweigh the price tag. Look at how much those Search Engine Optimization "experts" charge you...most of them charge anywhere from $500 - $5,000. You don't really need them if you have this software.

How is customer service? What kind of support will I get if I have questions?

I personally have communicated with the author throughout the two product uses that I bought from him. So far I feel he's been very prompt to all my emails, and very open to my suggestions. By the way, in one of the emails he sent me, he said: "I recently launched a dating review site. It had 0 traffic (brand new site not indexed by Google). Three months later it's up to 30,000!!!". Now that's something. I sure hope my site can achieve that kind of success. :-)

There is also a user support forum. I have seen lots of success stories and positive feedbacks on the forum. Jeff has been great answering questions and providing help there. His customer service is top notch.

Does it have any drawbacks?

The biggest "problem" I have, is because it generates so many pages, uploading takes a long time. So make sure you have "Enable Smart Keep Alive" option checked with your ftp software such as CuteFTP.

Not anymore. With the new web version, you don't need to upload generated pages; that will save you tons of time. The only requirement is that your host must support PHP, which 95% of the host companies do.

Where can I get Traffic Equalizer?

You can either go to www.trafficequalizer.com, or click HERE through this site to get a copy. Here is the incentive you get when you click HERE to order:

My 46 page, no-fluff, no-filler, newly updated Traffic Equalizer Action Guide version 2.0, with a real LIVE web site case study, will show you:

 Where to find keywords that are in high demand for your niche (page 4)

 What FREE tool to use to easily and quickly build keyword files that are needed for Traffic Equalizer (page 4)

 Three reasons why you should modify the default "templates", and how to do it (page 20)

 New 22 minute long crystal clear instructional video SHOWS you how to customize templates in live action.

 New Don't like pop ups? Use pop in (pop over)! Unlike a pop up, pop in is unstoppable by popup killers, because it's part of the web page. Pop ups have been proven to increase your subscription and sales rate by 30%. I'll show you how to access the code to create your own eye-popping pop overs, for FREE! This type of script/software is being sold for $67-$97 elsewhere, but you get it for free! Click here to see a pop over in action.

 New Thirty (30) Pre-Made high quality TE results templates, all ready to go. These templates alone are worth the price of the Action Guide. My friends are calling me crazy for offering this package. Grab them quick before I come to my sanity!

 Why you MUST add these two lines of meta tags, or you risk not getting your TE pages indexed by search engines, and see all your effort go down the drain (page 39)

 How to have many outbound links to other high quality sites but STILL preserve your PageRank (page 40)

 Why you shouldn't use the default file name for one of the key files (page 20)

 How to boost your ranking for two or more sites with ONE TE run (page 12)

 How to detect broken links with this FREE tool (page 40)

 How to have your own spider to test crawl the site after you use TE, WITHOUT writing a single line of code (page 41)

 Fastest FREE and LEGAL way to get your new site indexed by search engines (no, simply submitting a site to SEs is not enough) (page 43)

 How to use a FREE tool to: optimize your site, monitor your ranking in Google, and much more (page 42)

 Once you have sufficient traffic, how to take advantage of it and generate up to FOUR (4) significant revenue sources WITHOUT lifting a finger (page 42)

 A Free ebook shows you how to upload files step by step

 Many more tips and techniques...

These gems are NOT covered in the Traffic Equalizer manual or the video tutorial. This Action Guide is original, no one else has come close to offering a guide like this.

Here is what readers have to say about the Guide:

I have just purchased the Action Guide from William. It's just GREAT and save a lot of time to install the Traffic Equalizer.

Thank very much for recommend this.


Posted on Phil Wiley's Affiliate Talk Forum, 1/19/04

Dear William,

I just wanted to write and complement you on your Traffic Equalizer Action Guide.

I've seen an enormous jump in traffic to one of my web sites thanks to Traffic Equalizer. In fact, I personally don't know of any easier way to get thousands of visitors to find your web site without spending money on advertising. :o)

You've outlined in a clear manner exactly how anyone can get targeted traffic from the search engines by using Traffic Equalizer.

Not only that, there's a wealth of awesome resources and gems inside your action guide. It's well worth the small investment for anyone who is serious about generating serious traffic to their web sites.


Zahid Saddique

London, UK

Hi William,

The action guide is VERY good and a wonderful complement to Jeff's software. You give step-by-step screen shots so that even a total beginner can follow along easily. You obviously put in a lot of effort into this no-fluff action guide. Your excellent guide also answered an important question I had about getting fast crawls since I have been out of the SEO for quite a while now. I should have read your guide first. :) Your tips on using Google Adsense are excellent. It's something I never thought about.

Bhavani P. Jampala

Florida, USA

Hi William,

I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thanks and how much I really appreciate your quick response to my inquiries and professionalism.



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In conclusion, I feel Traffic Equalizer is truly an innovative product. It has amazing power that will bring your site huge amounts of targeted traffic. Get it before your competitors do. Imagine, with the Action Guide, you can immediately put Traffic Equalizer to work, and within an hour or two, you will have a tremendously expanded web site full of optimized keywords. Click HERE to start driving MASSIVE traffic to your site today!

Traffic Equalizer TE Action Guide

To your success,

William Shi


Fullerton, CA 92833
Phone: 626-274-0636

PS. Stop and think how much this awesome innovative software could be worth to you. How much is it worth to you when all those targeted visitors come swarming your site? Don't worry about risking your money on this product. If you purchase it and then decide that you don't want all the targeted traffic, and make money from them, then the author will certainly refund you, and you get to keep all the bonues worth $66.97 just for trying! So there's no reason not to try it. My Action Guide shows you how to supercharge Traffic Equalizer to achieve maximum results, and you get free updates for life!

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