Interview With William Shi

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DB: William, thanks for agreeing to give us all some insight into your success. First of all, could you explain what is?

WS: I created to give reviews and recommendations on various tools that can help internet marketers achieve great success.

Currently, I'm giving an in-depth review on an innovative piece of software called Traffic Equalizer, which has proven to generate tremendous amounts of targeted traffic to your web site.

DB: And why did you decide to make the site?

WS: When I first used Traffic Equalizer, I realized some programming skills are needed to make the best out of it. But the manual isn't very clear on some of the necessary steps. So I put together an Action Guide, that shows people how to use the software to get the most out of it. I also included many valuable resources in the Action Guide.

So far, I've had great user feedback. Many users have told me how much the software and the Action Guide have helped them boost their site traffic and profits.

DB: A lot of affiliates write up reviews of products and post them on the web to get people to buy the product. Of course, this is a good strategy because you're not trying to hard sell anyone. But you've gone even further and made a detailed guide explaining how to use the product. And you give this away to anyone who purchases Traffic Equalizer through your affiliate link. How much time did you spend creating the guide? Do you think it's paid off more than if you had just written the review by itself?

WS: I have put in a tremendous amount of time and effort to write the Action Guide, and keep it up with the latest version of the software. In the Guide, not only do I give crystal clear instructions on how to get the most out of TE, but I also included many valuable resources, most of which are free.

So far, the Guide has paid off handsomely for me. With the Guide, I'm generating more sales, because people know they can get solid advice to back up the software. The Guide itself has also produced a good income for me.

The Action Guide really sets me apart from all the other affiliates who promote TE. I have had the opportunity to work with many wonderful people and establish great relationships.

DB: When I first found out about your site, I think the Alexa rank was over 1 million. And I know that within the last three months it was about 3.4 million. I just checked it today, and it's at 37,692. In fact, every time I look at it, the Alexa rank gets better and better. Where are you getting all this traffic from?

*** Side Note ***

If you're not familiar with, it gives you an indicator of how much traffic a web site gets. The lower your Alexa ranking, the more traffic you get according to Alexa. It's more accurate for marketing sites than many other types of sites. As with anything, it isn't perfect, but it can be better than nothing.

*** End Side Note ***

WS: Two main sources of targeted traffic are from Google and online forums.
My site ranks in the top 3 on Google for the keyword I'm targeting.

But the best traffic comes from several internet marketing related forums. I try to help fellow marketers on many discussions, every post I make, I use a signature file with a link to my site. So when people see my post, they can click on the link and come to my site and review the information there.

Online forums are a great way to learn new information, and get good targeted traffic at the same time.

DB: Lots of people post on forums and include signatures with links. But not everyone gets a lot of traffic that way. Why do you think so many people click the links in your signatures?

WS: I think there are 3 things here.

1. There have been a lot of discussions on Traffic Equalizer, so my posts naturally attract traffic because my site is about TE.

2. I try to give people good help. That gives me some credibility.

3. I use enticing anchor text so that people are tempted to click on the sig file and come to my site, such as: "Want Swarming Targeted Traffic?" By the way, I use some of the same strategies on my Google Adword campaigns.

DB: Would you recommend that other affiliates use your strategy and try to create their own bonuses to give away with their affiliate sales?

WS: Absolutely. I'm a living example how this strategy can pay off. It does require investment of money and time, because you must buy the product first, before you can truly recommend it to other people.

DB: Do you have any tips for anyone who wants to do this? Are there any mistakes they should avoid? Are there any keys you've found to doing this successfully?

WS: I'd suggest anyone who tries to do this go read Jimmy D. Brown's book: How to Outsell Other Resellers and Become a Super Affiliate. I followed his advice and am achieving good success. That's why I included it as a bonus with my package.

DB: Thanks, William, for taking the time to discuss this. I'm sure we all appreciate learning more about how you're achieving success online.

*** Editor's Note ***

There are two points in particular that I hope everyone will get from William's example.

Point #1: If you want to stand out from other affiliates marketing the same product, then do something different. A great way to do this is to offer something of your own for everyone who purchases through your affiliate link. It's not always easy to do this, but if you can come up with your own exclusive (and valuable) bonus, then you have a big advantage.

Point #2: Provide genuinely useful and helpful information regarding the product you're marketing. Don't just put up a mini site that says "Buy This". Well, actually you can and it can work sometimes. But people will be more receptive if you're actually trying to help them. William does this especially well on the forums. He knows about Traffic Equalizer and doesn't hold back when he answers people's questions.

There's certainly more to learn than what I've just pointed out. But I wanted to clarify what I think is most important here.

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